To the Editor:
We can all sign up directly for Recyclebank at the Chatham Borough Farmers' Market, tomorrow, Saturday, July 28, from 8 am to 1 pm.
Register your recycling with Recylebank, earn rewards, get fun and interesting green information, and help Chatham Borough to compete for a $100,000 grant for a sustainability project!
Probably you've heard about Recyclebank already.  How Chatham Borough was chosen by our recycler, Waste Management, as a great recycling town and therefore the BEST, ONE TOWN IN NEW JERSEY to compete in this national recycling contest.
A $100,000 sustainability project could make a huge impact in Chatham Borough.

But, to be able to compete effectively, we need your help.  We need all Chatham Borough residents to set up accounts at Recyclebank as soon as you can.  Then go back on the website once per week to register that you recycled.
The contest runs from July 2, 2012 to December 31, 2012.                                  .
Please sign up at  You will need to give your email address and create a password.  You will need the PIN that Recyclebank/Waste Management mailed to you a few weeks ago.  If you lost the PIN, no problem.  Put in your Chatham street address, and Recyclebank will send you the PIN in a text message.
Once your account is set up, all you need to do is go into your account once a week and click on the blue bar in the upper right-hand corner to register that you recycled.
The attached flyer has more information about Recyclebank.
There's a lot more you can do on the Recyclebank website.  You can get points by pledging to take green actions, and by taking a few minutes to read interesting green information and take quizzes.  (I just racked up 75 points in about 15 minutes.)  You can then redeem those points for rewards from various vendors. 
But, you don't need to do any of that to help with the contest.  Just set up your Recyclebank account and register each week that you recycled.
And don't worry about getting a lot of emails.  People who signed up on Recyclebank at the beginning of the contest have been receiving just one monthly email, reminding them to register their recycling and telling them their point total to date.
Recycling is really important. Even with mandatory recycling, New Jersey continues to generate more trash than we can landfill or incinerate in-state.  We need to recycle more, and we need to reduce and reuse more.
On a more practical and immediate note, RECYCLING SAVES YOU TAX DOLLARS. 
Here's why.  First, it is more expensive to landfill than to recycle.  Chatham Borough (and therefore, we, the taxpayers) have to pay about $95 per ton for what we put in the trash.  If we reuse or recycle instead, we save on those landfill tipping fees. 
Second, CHATHAM BOROUGH EARNS MONEY FOR OUR RECYCLABLES.  Recyclables have value and are often sold to private companies.  In 2011 New Jersey awarded $13.5 million dollars in Clean Communities grants to towns.  Chatham Borough makes a recycling report every year.  The more we recycle, the more money we get back.
The more recycling revenue Chatham Borough takes in, and the less we have to expend to put our trash in landfills, the more Chatham Borough can save in its budget, and the less we all have to pay in taxes.  It's that simple. 
Let's all go green and save green$.
Thanks for signing up for Recyclebank!  And thanks for recycling.
Cynthia Steffes