The St. Patrick School community welcomed its new student council leadership with an installation ceremony held on Tuesday, September 19. The ceremony opened with a processional song “We Are Called” and presentation of the seven student officers and ten class representatives accompanied by Student Council Moderators/Teachers Nancy Johnson, Maureen Pridham, and Caitlin Dickinson. 

Principal Dr. Christine Ross presented the students with their leadership pins which was illuminated by a ceremonial candle lighting. The student leadership were subsequently sworn in with the oath of office.  Finally, the presentation of the traditional gavel was presented to President and 8th Grader student Molly Farrell, who then charmed the St. Patrick School community with her spirited inaugural address delivery speaking on behalf of her fellow student council members.

The ceremony concluded with a blessing from Father Bob Mitchell and a song, “Go Make a Difference” led by Music Ministry Director, Mrs. Maggie Hanson.

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Newly inducted Student Council Officers include Principal’s Representative / Liaison Alex Greene, President Molly Farrell, Co Vice-Presidents Brian Boler and Molly McHugh, Secretary Ceara Murphy, Treasurer John Shalhoub, Historian Patrick Feit 

St. Patrick School Student Council includes Class Representatives Graciana Meulener and   Katie Pignatello, fourth grade; Leah Costa and Joseph DiRienzo fifth grade; Christopher Martin   and   Matthew Shaffer sixth grade; Jack Angelica and Mary Kate Bolster seventh grade; Hannah Kajor and Erin Stoffel eighth grade.