Celebrating a divorce?  Years ago this idea would’ve been unheard of, but today it’s actually emerged as a popular trend. Rather than mourning the end of a marriage, divorces have begun to take a more celebratory approach in welcoming a new chapter in their life.


Divorce parties are the newest trend in “coming out” parties for the previously married and can take on many forms; from bachelor/bachelorette style, to a dignified and classy evening.  These parties are meant to reintroduce an individual back into the social strata of singlehood by surrounding them with love and support of close friends and family.  Recently, AVE has become a hotspot for its resident’s very own divorce parties and the response has been overwhelming.  AVE provides the perfect starting point for you, or someone you know, to jumpstart this new chapter in life. Here’s why:

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The Space: Each AVE community is designed to entertain, offering incredible outdoor and indoor spaces perfect for gathering.  Architecturally designed pools and garden-courtyards, multi-media theatre, and even fitness areas, all make for unique spaces for celebrations.

The Community: One of the greatest appeals of AVE is its community feel.  Each AVE community frequently offers resident socials, fitness classes, health & wellness offerings and other community styled events to allow residents to socialize with one another.  Living and relaxing together, the community of AVE is a perfect place to take that first step in your renewed social life.