CHATHAM, NJ - The Chatham Township Committee took steps to replace yield signs with stop signs at three intersections on Sandy Hill Road with the introduction of ordinances on Thursday night during its regular meeting.

An ordinance to restrict parking on Robert Drive and Jay Road near Southern Boulevard School during school days also was introduced. An ordinance to remove the yield sign at the intersection of Maple Street and School Avenue and to replace it with a stop sign on School Avenue also was introduced.

The traffic ordinances will be up for adoption on Sept. 10. To read the Maple Street and School Avenue ordinance click here. To see the ordinance on the changes to Sandy Hill Road click here. To read the parking restrictions ordinance click here.

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Sgt. Patrick Meade, Chatham Township's traffic safety officer, made the recommendations for Sandy Hill Road after studying the intersections over the past year.

Chatham Township Police Chief Steven Hennelly explains the reasoning for changes on Sandy Hill Road.

Hennelly noted that few people pay attention to the yield signs on Sandy Hill Road, which is a cut-through street to Noe Avenue.

"His recommendation is to place stop signs at Overlook Road at Sandy Hill, at Sandy Hill Road at Warwick and on Aberdeen Road at Sandy Hill and remove the yield signs," Hennelly said. 

Hennelly explained that the stop sign on Sandy Hill Road at the intersection of Warwick Road was the key to controlling the speed of traffic. The middle intersection of the three mentioned, will cause traffic to come to a complete stop.

The parking ordinance introduced would restrict parking on the southerly side of Robert Drive and Jay Road to two hours between the hours of 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. on school days. Restrictions on the northerly side of two hours during the same hours already exist.

Residents of Robert Drive and Jay Road have complained about all-day parking on the roads, which is caused by overflow parking at Southern Boulevard School. The new restrictions are geared to encourage SBS teachers and visitors to park at the Colony parking lot instead of all day on Robert Drive and Jay Road.