Dear Editor:

Though my family relocated to Madison last year, I wish to write in support of two Chatham Township men of distinction that seek to lead Chatham Township in to the future - Republican Mayor Kevin Sullivan and Future Assemblyman Tayfun Selen. Both are worthy of the support of voters across the ideological spectrum on November 3rd.

I had the pleasure of working with Mayor Sullivan during the time I was a member of the Chatham Township Board of Adjustment and Chairman of the Chatham Township Republican Committee. Kevin is a true fiscal conservative who has kept the municipal tax portion of the tax levy flat for three years - an achievement that in my mind makes his re-election almost automatic.

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This says nothing of his legacy-securing acquisition of open space funds for the Giralda Farms project. Through several tough elections, voters have always stuck with him and would be wise to do so on November 3rd.

Tayfun Selen is a dear friend of our family and will make a fine State Assemblyman.  Tayfun is running to reboot the broken school funding formula that devastates property owners in places like Chatham Township and for a permanent solution to our pension mess that includes moving new workers in to 401(k)-type plans. His platform is a common-ground, fiscally responsible plan that Chatham Township voters can rally behind, as opposed to the far-left extremist views espoused by the incumbents.

On November 3rd, vote to re-elect Kevin Sullivan for Chatham Township Committee and vote Tayfun Selen for State Assembly.

Thomas R. Basta

194 Shunpike, Madison

Editor's note: The writer was Chairman of the Chatham Township Republican Committee from 2011-2014