On August 28, 2012  Hurricane Irene made landfall in New Jersey.

Hurricane Irene was downgraded to a Tropical Strom by the time it hit NJ but it still did the following damage:

  • Severe flooding occurred as a result of a record high rainfall, the maximum was 11.27 inches.
  • The storm killed seven people in the state and damage was estimated at around $1 billion.
  • Eleven rivers reached record levels, and a week after the storm all rivers in the state remained at "moderate flooding level".
  • In total, approximately 1.46 million customers throughout most of the 21 counties lost power.
  • On September 5th the power was restored to the remaining 2,000 homes.

What you need to know as a homeowner with a Sump Pump

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  • The Sump Pump that keeps your basement dry is powered by electricity
  • Without a working sump pump your basement can flood.
  • You need a back-up sump pump that can work without electricity for up to a week

How to choose the best back-up Sump Pump for your home.

Battery Powered Back-up

The Heavy Duty DC backup system that we install pumps up to 35gpm with a full charged battery.  The system can run for up to ten continuous hours of pumping and move a total of over 12,000 gallons, which translates to almost a week of backup protection under normal pump cycling. If that is not enough for your peace of mind, you can add another battery in tandem to have a combined total pumping capacity of 24,000 Gallons of water.

Water Powered Back-up

At A-1 Basement Solutions, we install the Liberty SumpJet SJ10 as our water powered sump pump. The chart below tells you how much water the water powered sump pump can pump. Please note: Lift is the vertical height from your sump pump to the discharge. 8’ is typical. With 60 PSI water pressure and an 8” vertical lift the SJ10 will pump 17 Gallons of water Per Minute (GPM) which is 1,020 Gallons of water Per Hour (GPH).

Choose wisely when selecting a Back Up Sump Pump.  At A-1 Basement Solutions we provide the full solution to protect your basement during a power outage.

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