To the Editor,

Kevin Sullivan deserves to be re-elected as Chatham Township’s Mayor!  He earned the vote with his tireless dedication and his common sense approach to politics. We need a leader with focus – one who uses practical methods to accomplish established goals. Kevin Sullivan’s track record proves he has that focus and approaches tasks from a practical point of view. 

When the Township Committee was deciding whether a dormant easement should be vacated, he visited the property in question, met with the neighbors, deemed the use of the “path” impractical and then voted. Throughout this process, Kevin acted as a true defender of Chatham Township property rights. I know this because I am one of the property owners. 

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My husband and I have paid taxes on the land for 17 years and yes, we did know the easement was there when we purchased our home. However it was only after a representative from the Safe Routes to School Committee and another resident trespassed on our property (not the easement) were we prompted to protect our rights. 

I’m voting for Kevin Sullivan on June 2nd. He earned my trust through his caring attitude, unending dedication and common sense approach. 


Noreen McCaffrey

Chatham Township