To The Editor,

As Chatham Township Republicans head to the polls June 3rd to decide two seats on the 2015 Chatham Township Committee, I am writing to share a few thoughts about my campaign for one of those seats.

My March decision to seek election began a campaign from my own Yarmouth Road neighborhood to surrounding neighborhoods weekend after weekend, meeting new folks at every turn and at the same time gathering heartfelt encouragement from friends of 10 and 20 or more years.

I have met many kind and concerned people along the way, people who are committed to this community on so many levels, whether they have kids in school or kids who have reached adulthood and moved on, whether they are looking for a bigger house with a bigger yard or seeking to down-size, or wondering if they should consider moving away to save money in retirement.

All things being equal, their love for Chatham Township makes me want to serve this community more every day. In short, we have the very good fortune of living in one of the finest communities in our state and given the opportunity to help keep it that way I promise the folks of Chatham Township that I will aspire to do this every day.

We all know well the challenges that arise when seeking a balance between prudent and conscientious use of our hard earned dollars and the need to stay current with infrastructure and technology. This is true for local government as much as for our own families’ budgets. With a career in financial services spanning four decades I have left the trading desk behind to meet my clients at their kitchen table. I understand the importance of protecting what we have worked so hard for, stretching every dollar on the home front and doggedly watching our spending; we should demand that same discipline of those trusted with our tax dollars.

In challenging economic times we don’t run around looking for ways to spend our household income, nor should we stand for that at the Township level. If chosen to join the Committee by the outcome of the June 3rd Election, I will be as vigilant as the citizens of our community are in making sure that our hard-earned dollars are spent wisely. We all deserve that much.

In closing I would like to say thank you. Thank you to the kind folks of Chatham Township who have taken the time to share their thoughts with me, who have invited me into their homes to sit for a moment and have a glass of water on a warm afternoon, who have shown me the very kindness and enthusiasm for our home town that makes other folks want to live here, too.

Thank you also to the Editorial Staff of Chatham’s Alternative Press for the terrific Election News coverage. Because of your diligence, we had the important issues at our finger tips.

Let’s all do our part to help to keep this community a great place to live. Please remember to vote on June 3rd


Karen Swartz, 2 Yarmouth Road, Chatham Township