Letter to the Editor:

First I would like to congratulate Mike Kelly on his campaign win and I look forward to sharing the tasks of our Township Committee with him. Well done, Mike!

Next I would like to congratulate my team. To me, this election victory is in no small measure because of the time and energy of people whose faith in me and more importantly in the voters of Chatham Township brought out the very best in all of us.

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Chatham Township has been my home for nearly 25 years and I am humbled by the fact that my fellow residents have chosen me to take up a role in her governance, to be a spokesperson for this great community and to be a careful steward of our hard-earned property tax dollars.

The way my campaign team was able to reach out to so many over the last several weeks, to listen to their concerns, to discuss the issues and my qualifications and to bring home a victory shows the kind of teamwork we can count on in the Township Committee.

It will be my privilege to serve alongside Mayor Kevin Sullivan and Deputy Mayor Curt Ritter, without whose support this would not be possible.

Most of all, I owe thanks to my supporters. Knowing I have had friends, neighbors and folks of like mind behind me, all with the best interests of Chatham Township at heart, was a continued source of strength and motivation so necessary in a political contest.

I am grateful to each and everyone who wrote an email, knocked on a door, made a phone call, shared a Facebook Post, sent a text, or put up a lawn sign. This victory belongs to all of them!

Karen M. Swartz,

2 Yarmouth Road