Dear Editor,

I strongly endorse Deputy Mayor Karen Swartz’s re-election to the Chatham Township Committee and encourage Township residents to support Deputy Mayor Swartz by voting for her in the spring Republican primary election on Tuesday, June 6th.

I have known Karen Swartz a long time and worked with her in various capacities both on the Township Committee and in other volunteer endeavors in Chatham. During this time, Karen has been a pleasure to work with and I have found her to be a level-headed, fair minded, team-oriented individual of the highest caliber.

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I am convinced that Deputy Mayor Swartz’s platform of maintaining the highest level of services and infrastructure with an eye for careful fiscal control over township operating costs will continue to serve her well in her bid for re-election to the Township Committee. During her tenure as our current Deputy Mayor, I have found that Karen’s strengths fit well with the qualities and qualifications necessary for successfully running the Chatham Township Committee and our great town. I think one of Karen’s greatest strengths (which she has clearly demonstrated while Deputy Mayor on the Township Committee) is her strong desire to listen to all the needs and concerns of Chatham Township residents and exercise her duties and responsibilities with sensitivity to a variety of views held within our community.

I have seen first-hand while on the Township Committee that Deputy Mayor Swartz has demonstrated the ability to run Chatham Township in a manner that shows fiscal responsibility while at the same time she is always striving to provide the highest level of township services and infrastructure improvement to its residents. She understands the concern that many residents have with the threat of ever increasing real estate taxes. Although many of our home real estate taxes have increased due to increased costs of running a high quality school system, the municipal tax component of our real estate tax bill has been managed well through Karen’s efforts on the committee.

Based on her performance to date, I believe Karen Swartz should be re-elected so that she may continue to oversee the township finances in a manner allowing for the highest level of services for the best value for all Chatham Township residents.

Not only does Deputy Mayor Swartz manage the Township’s fiscal situation mindfully, Karen has also demonstrated a strong commitment to protecting and preserving our community’s environment. Deputy Mayor Swartz strongly endorsed the efforts to preserve 136 acres at Giralda Farms for public benefit/use. As member of the township committee, Karen has also listened to the concerns of residents and proactively supported the effort to sponsor a local ordinance banning unregulated oil pipelines through Chatham Township.

Based on her track record as our Deputy Mayor and her long tenure on the township committee, I strongly urge my fellow Chatham Township residents to cast one of their two votes for Karen Swartz for Township Committee in the Republican primary election on Tuesday, June 6th. Your support of Deputy Mayor Karen Swartz can and will continue to make a positive difference in our great community.

John Maurer

Chatham Township Committee Member

151 Noe Avenue

Chatham Township,