CHATHAM, NJ - With Hurricane Joaquin causing all kinds of wet weather, it wasn't the best time to make a daily commute between Lexington, Va. and New Jersey last weekend. It was a six-hour drive each way.

That didn't stop Scott Adams, who drove to Lexington, Va., from Chatham to visit his son, Chris, at Washington & Lee University on Thursday and then drove back to see his youngest son, Timmy, play football for the Cougars on Friday in Montville. He drove back to Lexington Saturday and then returned home on Sunday.

Despite the long hours behind the wheel, it was worth the effort to stand in the rain and watch 16-year-old Timmy Adams do his thing on the football field. 

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The junior made a number of game-changing plays in the Cougars' 29-6 victory.

In the win over Montville, Scott Adams witnessed Timmy make a quick-kick punt on third down that led to a safety for Chatham, rush for 127 yards on 10 carries, score two touchdowns and kick three extra points.

Timmy Adams is the TAP into Chatham Athlete of the Week.

Not only has Adams produced with the statistics for Chatham (3-1), the timing of his contributions has been a real catalyst for the Cougars. Montville came out hard in the second half and scored first to cut its deficit to 15-6. But, on the very next possession, Adams broke a 42-yard run, setting up his own 8-yard touchdown run.

"Timmy broke off that run, which brought all our spirits up," senior running back Matt Nestler said. "I played lacrosse and football with him, so I knew he was talented. He's definitely come out this year to prove he can run the ball and not just throw as a quarterback."

Splitting time at quarterback with senior Alex Sands, Adams has thrown for five touchdowns, including a last-second pass to Robbie Moskowitz for a touchdown that beat Randolph in the season opener. As a runner, he's gained 316 yards, averaging 7 yards per carry, and scored four TDs.

"It's kind of hard to block for Tim because he runs so fast," Nestler said. "I like to set up my blocks, but before I can get my hands on the kid, Timmy is usually blowing right by me. I just try to get in front of kids and Timmy uses his speed all over the field. It's kind of exciting when he gets outside and is able to turn the corner. Most lineman aren't catching him."

It's been so exciting that Scott Adams has started a family trend. Timmy's older brothers, now in college, are making their own travel plans to see him play. Dylan Adams will see his little brother play Saturday night on Cougar Weekend against Morris Hills, and Kyle Adams, a law student at Notre Dame, has managed to map out a trip that will allow him to see two Chatham football games.

Timmy Adams is carrying on the tradition as the the fourth sibling to play football for Chatham High and he wears the same No. 25 his brother Dylan wore when he was a Cougar. Twins Dylan and Chris played on the last Chatham team to make the state playoffs.

"We all loved football since we could walk," Timmy Adams said. "I loved going to their games when they were in middle school and high school. I remember going to the game when my twin brothers played their last year and watching them go to the semifinals of the playoffs (2011) was amazing. I always felt that I wanted to get on the Cougar Field on Saturdays and play well like they did.

"My twin brothers (5 years older), I followed them basically wherever they went and tried to be like them. They were always playing football and that really helped."  

His mother, Anita Adams, knew that her youngest son was going to excel in sports when he was in first grade. That's because every coach would come up to her and say: "Your son is really good."

Whether it was football or lacrosse, Timmy Adams was ahead of the curve for his age and there was a passion for sports that few could match.

"He always had a ball his hand or a stick and he'd always be playing," his mother said. "Even today, there are five footballs strewn around the house and he's always got one in his hand. He's constantly throwing the ball down to his foot, kicking it in the air and catching it or throwing it across the family room into a couch. I'm used to it by now."

Adams also plays lacrosse for the Chatham varsity as a defensive midfielder, but he's really come into his own in his third year as a varsity football player (he kicked extra points and field goals as a freshman).

"He's much more confident this year," Chatham offensive coordinator Steve Trivino said. "He's come a long way. He's very eager. He can't wait to get better at what he does. Two weeks ago, he wasn't really carrying through on his fakes (at quarterback) and I got on him about it. In the Montville game he carried through on all of his fakes and that opened up a lot of room for Nestler and (Justin) Hayes because he brought two defensive players with him."

Opponents are sure to key on Adams in future games, but it hasn't slowed him down just yet. Perhaps, he'll be able to match his brothers and make it to a state playoff game.

"I think anytime he touches the ball, the defense really has to prepare for him," teammate Pat Cosgrove said. "We feel comfortable when he has the ball in his hands. Timmy is a great guy. He's a lot of fun off the field. Everybody just likes him."

Adams scored the first touchdown of the game on this run for Chatham vs. Montville

Adams scored his second touchdown in the third quarter vs. Montville on this run