"A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma." That’s how Winston Churchill once described Russia, but the same could be said of insurance. You know you should have a comprehensive, cost-effective network of coverage, but what you need and how much can be confusing. Here are 10 reasons why you need an insurance agent to get the best insurance coverage for your money.

10. Save Time
While it may be tempting, you’ll want to avoid going with one of those 1-800-do-it-yourself companies that claim to get you covered in as little as 15 minutes. In reality, that’s really only enough time to reduce your coverage and increase your risk. What truly saves you time is using a knowledgeable insurance agent to remove the guesswork and confusion involved with finding the best insurance coverage. Professional insurance agents will be there to advise you on coverage choices and claims questions. Plus, if you need to change your coverage or settle a claim, having someone there to guide you makes it easier.

9. Save Money
Insurance advisors coordinate all your policies, so you can be sure you’re covered adequately and not paying for unnecessary coverage. And with more resources and support to draw from, independent insurance agents often can get you a better deal than you can get for yourself.

8. Reliability
Insurance agents get to know you personally.  That means you’re more than just a policy number. When you’re buying insurance through an online service, nobody knows you by name, and you can’t visit the office when you have a need.  But independent insurance advisors are more likely to be there when you need them – and they’ll even come to you. They’re committed to your complete satisfaction and will often set up follow-up visits or phone calls to ensure you’re happy.

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7. Personal Touch
Unlike online services or large impersonal call centers, you have a personal relationship with professional insurance advisors at independent agencies.  They know you by name, learn your history and tailor a policy that best meets your needs and the needs of your family.

6. Service
Insurance agents will actually take the time to consider your needs and lifestyle before making any recommendations. You can expect personal attention and customized services with independent agencies including annual coverage reviews that keep your policies up to date and address your ever-changing needs. Plus, if your life takes an unexpected turn, you’ll have someone to advise you in light of your new situation.

5. Knowledge
If you’re wondering how to get an agent, the first step is to find a state-licensed, knowledgeable professional. The best insurance agents adhere to state-regulated continuing education requirements and can provide you with infinite combinations of insurance options. They know about the pitfalls – the exclusions and limitations – in a policy. And they will use their expertise to narrow down exactly what you need and what amount of coverage is best for your circumstances.

4. Reputation
Stability and dependability are crucial to the insurance process. So, in terms of finding the best insurance agents, word of mouth goes a long way. When you’re figuring out how to find an agent, ask around or research company and agent reviews online to get a good idea of whom you’re dealing with.

3. One-Stop Shop
Insurance advisors typically don't sell just one insurance product. They usually offer a full range. From homeowners, renters and business to auto, health and life, insurance agents are essentially your one-stop shop for insurance. You’ll love the convenience and cost savings of having all your insurance needs handled in one place.

2. Peace of Mind
If you’re in the claims stage, you’ve already dealt with enough stress. Your agent will know how to avoid the “red tape,” so you can get everything resolved quickly and efficiently.

1. Protection
Life is more stable when you’re protected with the help of professional insurance agents. And if you’re trying to go it alone, you’re taking a risk. When it comes to your health, you trust your doctor.  When you’re looking for the best vehicle, you trust your car salesperson. When you want a safe home, you trust your real estate broker. So, given all that you have to protect, isn’t it time you put your trust in the advice of a knowledgeable insurance professional?


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