On May 8th more than 8,000 letters will be mailed to the Chatham Community –
residents, businesses, religious organizations and service organizations – to bolster
the 2017 funding campaign for the Chatham Emergency Squad. The Squad is an all-
volunteer organization (funded primarily by donations) which provides emergency
medical assistance and transport for Chatham Borough and Township residents and
Signed by the CES President Rich Crater and Captain Joe Korkuch, the letter tells the
Chatham community the story of the Squad, which is one of dedication and
volunteerism serving 24/7, 365 days a year, by 58 trained and certified EMTs. These
letters originally went out on January 17th; this is our follow up mailing which
includes a brief note asking that if you haven’t already donated this year, to consider
doing so. If you have already donated, the Squad certainly appreciates it. The Squad
reports it is half way towards its annual fund drive goal.
While funding every year is essential to the Squad, 2017, 2018 and 2019 are critical
in order to support the purchase of a new ambulance and 3 power stretchers, which
are essential to provide safe transfer of patients (and insuring the safety of EMTs).
The Chatham Emergency Squad never charges for its services (in 2016 , almost
1,100 emergency calls were handled).
The Squad members ask that you be on the lookout for this letter, or visit their
website (www.chathamemergencysquad.org) to learn more or make a donation.
Thank you from all of the Squad members!