When you look in your closet, does your wardrobe consist of predominantly black and white . . . beige . . . or bright colored outfits? It will come as no surprise that whatever your preferences in color will be as evident in your home décor as it is in your clothing.

Does your taste tend toward neutrals? With a wide array of fabrics and wallcoverings from which to choose, this does not have to be a dull environment. Walls can be in a range from pale cream to deep taupe, from pale grey to charcoal. Add to this foundation, fabrics with many different textures from silk to linen or wool. Patterns can be equally as varied from animal prints to geometrics or florals and damasks. You can choose to add an accent color in a centerpiece, artwork, or pillows or continue the all-neutral shades. Either way, the room will be sophisticated and tranquil.

If you are among those who prefer more color, there are many options to utilize color in your decorating plan. You might want to begin with a beautiful rug with many of your favorite colors in the pattern. You may use this as the basis of selecting your fabrics for window treatments, furniture and accessories. If you select a solid carpet, then you might prefer a more patterned and colorful fabric as the focus in your room. Other elements in the room would then be selected to co-ordinate in color, scale of design and texture.

If this seems like a daunting task and beyond your comfort level, then you should seek the aid and expertise of a decorator. This should be someone with whom you have a good rapport who will listen to your wish list and help you to create a room that reflects your personality and preferences. The outcome will be a happy and sunny room filled with color or a neutral room that is calm and yet inviting. Whichever color concept you choose, if it is done well you will be happy to live with it for many years to come.

Rachel Kapner is an Interior Designer and President of Creative Wallcoverings & Interiors, Ltd. Located at 560 Central Ave, New Providence NJ , 07974 www.rachelkapner.com  or www.creativewallcoverings.com  She can be reached at 908-665-7997 x 12 or Rachel@creativewallcoverings.com