To the Editor:

I will not repeat the other facts stated in the previous letter. But this is an FYI letter. Now, San Francisco, the first in the nation to ban plastic bags, has rescinded that order in light of our current pandemic emergency. Reusable bags are out.
Even they can see the danger of the reusable bag. They are giving product to consumers in paper, not plastic, as is very smart. Our town needs to follow, and we need to stop retailers from charging consumers for these previously free paper bags.

Will Mayor Kelly act? Doubtful. Agenda driven politics that Kelly promotes does nothing but damage, whether it be bags or affordable housing. Does Kelly get it? No. Look at his record on promoting public meetings recklessly, only canceling after being shamed into it. Let's get a committee committed to getting us back our free paper bags, for safety and correctness. Let's get a committee committed to public health and safety. Clearly Kelly is not.

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Stay safe,
Daniel Miller

Green Village Section of Chatham Township