Grover Cleveland McCullough played center field for the High School baseball team.  He served in WWI and was one of the original 32 members of the American Legion Post 92.  Jennie Smith was a writer for the "The Public School Record".  Fred Reinhold Pihlman was the captain of both the high school football and baseball team on which he played 3rd base.  He attended Middlebury College and Pratt Institute, majoring in chemistry and at the time he entered the service, he was a research chemist with Westinghouse.  He was killed in action October 16, 1918 at 27 years of age. 

Hilda Monteith delivered the Salutatory for the graduation ceremony, the topic being "The Barbizon School of Artists".  She was a lifelong Chatham resident, joined the Madison School District and was the Principal of Central Avenue School.  She attended Stanley Congregational Church, where her funeral took place and she is buried in Fair Mount Cemetery.  Olland Lees played high school Football and delivered a speech on the "Panama Canal" at the graduation.  The Chatham Press, July 1, 1911 stated that "The essay...on the 'Panama Canal' was a thoughtful and carefully prepared paper,..the young student had been at no small pains to master his subject."  Harriet Peloubet was the Valedictorian and delivered a speech on "Virgil, the Ideal Roman" to the graduating class. 

We could get philosophical about their lives in 1911, but we will leave that up to the reader.

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