Best wishes to all of the beautiful children and their families as they begin the 2012-2013 School Year.

We’re about to welcome Rosh Hashanah, the holiday of the Jewish New Year, which begins at sundown, Sunday, September 16th, followed by Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement, which begins at sundown on Tuesday, September 25th.

And, take note: &grain, an incredibly new and interesting artisan bakery, luncheon, gathering place opened its doors in Garwood.

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The Best to Each of YOU!!!


It’s Deli King of Linden season, and proprietor Eddie Levy knows just what you need to feed your guests. In business for over 60 years, Levy suggests, making your  life a bit easier, and let Deli King of Linden prepare your holiday meal.  Please note, the staff at Deli King will deliver your order. Simply ask, and it will be done! Call: 908.486.7899

Rosh Hashanah Take Out Holiday Dinner
Cost: $27.95 Per Person. (Minimum of 10 people.)
Appetizers: Chopped Liver or Gefilte Fish
Soup: Mushroom Barley or Matzoh Ball
Entrees ~ Choice of One: Roast Turkey with Stuffing and Gravy; Sliced Fresh Braised Brisket of Beef, ($2.00 extra per person); Stuffed Cabbage; Roasted Spring Chicken
Side Dishes ~ Choice of Two: Noodle Kugel; Toasted Egg Barley with Mushrooms; Potato Kugel; Health Salad; Kasha Varniskahs; Cole Slaw.

Also Included: Pickles & Challah
Also available: Fresh Fruit, Veggie & Dip Platters, Chopped Liver Molds, and Candy Trays

Break your Yom Kippur Fast with Deli King’s Smoked Fish Packages
Smoked Fish Buffet: Cost: $21.95 Per Person
Fresh Nova Scotia Salmon, Large Whitefish, Baked Salmon, Sliced Sable, Whitefish Salad, Kippered Salmon Salad.
Regular Cream Cheese, Scallion Cream Cheese
Salad Platters: Cost: $15.95 Per Person
Whitefish Salad, Tuna Salad, Egg Salad, Kippered Salmon Salad,
Scallion Cream Cheese, Health Salad.
Also available:
Assorted Cheese Trays, Fresh Fruit & Veggie Platters, White Fish Salad, and Baked Salmon Mold.
Mention On Millicent’s Menu and receive a 10% coupon on all placed orders. (Not valid with any other promotion.)

Deli King of Linden is located at 628 West Saint Georges Avenue,  Linden. For any questions, and to place your order, Call: 908.925.3909.

Freeman’s Fish Market in Maplewood Awaits Your Holiday Order
A Maplewood mainstay, Freeman’s Fish Market takes pride in offering many varieties of fresh fish and seafood. In addition to poached and grilled salmon, whole white fish, herring in wine or cream sauce with onions, family and friends will enjoy their freshly prepared Gefilte fish. Sold by the piece, ($2.49), you are welcome to call in your holiday order. Don’t forget to include several jars of their homemade red or white horseradish.

Freeman’s Fish Market, 155 Maplewood Ave., Maplewood. Call: 973.763.9363.

Bovella’s Italian Pastry Shop is Ready with Holiday Offerings
The staff at Bovella’s Italian Pastry Shop is preparing an entire menu of your favorite Jewish Holiday treats. Ready for serving are: Round raisin and regular round Challahs, Honey and Sponge Cake, Chocolate Bobka, Cinnamon and Raisin Bobka, Bo-ties with sugar, Assorted Rugalach, 7 Layer Cake Cake, French Nut Loaf and a Marble Chiffon Cake.

In addition to Holiday favorites, Bovella’s has a a delicious array of your favorite cakes, cookies, pastries, breads, gorgeous  cupcakes and breads.

Bovella's is located at 101 East Broad Street, Westfield. Stop in and select your special dessert, or call and place your order: 908.232.4149.

It’s John’s Meat Market in Scotch Plains for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur
Vinnie, Nick, Vinnie Jr., and the entire staff at John’s Meat Market in Scotch Plains are ready to prepare your favorite cuts of beef and poultry for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. From fresh cut brisket to their special brand of poultry from Pennsylvania, to crown roasts of beef, beef bones for soup, and chicken parts for delicious chicken soup, take home a pound of chicken livers, sauté’ them with onions, then pop them in a grinder or chop them and enjoy chopped liver.

Call, or stop by. The staff at John’s Meat Market will do all they can to customize your order. John’s Meat Market is located at 389 Park Ave., Scotch Plains. Call: 908.322.7126.

Swisse Pastry Shop for Delicious Holiday Treats
For the holidays, and every other day, treat family and friends to all of the delicious confections featured at The Swisse Pastry Shop in Scotch Plains. Famous for their outstanding Rugalach, choose from raisin-nut, apricot, chocolate, or plain. A favorite dessert for any occasion, they pair well with any and all meals. Please don’t leave without a honey cake, sponge cake, or one of John’s most delicious fruit pies. Above all, treat guests to his outstanding challas. A line always forms for the holiday season. Do yourself a favor and call-in your order.

The Swisse Pastry Shoppe is located at 1711 East Second Street, Scotch Plains. Call: 908.322.4751.

Livingston Bagel Will Happily Prepare Your Holiday Meal
Rosh Hashanah Dinner Menu: Cost: $24.95 per person; (10 person minimum. All dinner orders receive one free Challah.)
The Appetizer list includes: Chopped Chicken or Chopped Vegetable Liver, Stuffed Derma, Gefilte Fish with horseradish, and Mini Stuffed Cabbage;
Soup Choices Include: Chicken Noodle, Mushroom Barley and Vegetarian Vegetable; Kreplach, and Matzoh Ball ($1.50 extra).
Entrees: Whole Roasted Empire Turkey w/ Stuffing & Giblet Gravy, Stuffed Cabbage (Beef or Turkey), Roasted Empire Chicken or BBQ, Boneless Garlic Chicken w/ Lite Garlic Herb Sauce (all white meat breast), Stuffed Boneless Breast of Chicken (vegetable, rice, stuffing), Brisket of Beef with gravy, stuffed Breast of Veal with bread stuffing, or Salmon with garlic and dill.

An assortment of Two Side Dishes include: Noodle or Potato Kugel, Potato Pancakes, Garlic mashed potatoes, or roasted Redskin potatoes, Egg Barley Tsimmis, Kasha Varnishkas and more.
Also included: a generous array of salads, and one dessert. 

For a more complete listing of Livingston Bagel’s Holiday Offerings, please give them a call, or stop by and peruse their enormous selection of Take-Out Dishes and delectable desserts.

Livingston Bagel is located at 37 East Northfield Road, Livingston. You are welcome to call and place your order: 973.994.1915.

Something Different for the Holidays: A Yogurt Cake from Fro Yo in Westfield
Operating partner Dan Crigler of Fro Yo, located at 270 N. Avenue East, in Westfield suggested folks may want to consider offering guests one of his delicious yogurt cakes prepared in your favorite flavors. Choose from coffee, peanut butter, vanilla, or chocolate.

Why not stop by and request a tasting. Those watching their weight are welcome to opt for sugar free products. Check out  the freezer case. Not just  for kids, Fro Yo’s yogurt sandwiches are available in flavors of vanilla and chocolate with a chocolate cookie crust. For more information, or to place an order, call: 908.654.1414. Parking is Free!

700 North Avenue
Call: 908.232.2233
Hours: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Saturday;
8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday

New York chic has come to North Avenue in Garwood. Please visit &grain. You’ll love the decor. A mere glance into the floor-to ceiling glass windows, and you’re watching your artisan bread, Apple Danish pastry, Mini Blueberry muffins, teensy banana muffins, and chocolate croissants being baked right before your very eyes.

Partners John Ropelski and Jennifer Stapleton plus their smiling friendly staff are there to offer Artisan Breads, Pastries, Sandwiches, Salads, Soups, Quiche, Fondue, Farmer’s plates, Harney and Sons Tea, Dry Soda, and Stumptown Coffee.

For a quick look at the menu, visit the website: Then give them a call, and order your breakfast, lunch or light dinner. It will be ready for pickup when you are.
My very best wishes to each of you for the New Year. May peace, love, and happiness follow you everywhere...and may you enjoy these delicious suggestions.
Please stay in touch. Let me know your latest, greatest dining 'Finds'. and I promise to visit. All the best! Millicent
September 3d, 2012