On June 21, 2016, three Cadette Girl Scouts, Alyssa Paone (Troop 1203), Kate Ziegler (Troop 2076), and Aerin Zucchi (Troop 1203), started their journey toward the SIlver Award to help the Children on the Green Daycare Center in Morristown.

Children on the Green is a non-profit organization that provides nursery, infant, kindergarten and babysitting services for kids up to the age of five. For less fortunate children, whose parents work, this is a great way for them to be in a safe environment, while learning and making new friends. These three Girl Scouts had several fundraisers during the Fall of 2016, including two Mr A sport parties at Washington Avenue School, and a bake sale at Chatham Middle School to raise the funds they budgeted.

With the Mr. A parties and bake sale, they were able to spread the word about this worthy organization. After many months of planning and preparing, the girls organized a February 2017 visit to Children on the Green to deliver sporting equipment, books and toys. During their visit, they read books to the children in the Pre-K classroom, as well as, made a craft, and played games with the kids . The Girl Scouts had a great experience with the children and staff of Children on the Green and were offered a life lesson in learning how different life is just a ten-minute drive in either direction from their homes in Chatham. The Cadettes realized through their Silver Award Project that they could make a difference in the lives of others in their community.