CHATHAM, NJ - Thaddeus Kobylarz and Jonathan Wilcox, both long-time Chatham residents and Democrats, have joined together to run for Chatham Borough Council, which has seen only Republican representation since 2011.

Kobylarz is Partner and Chairman of GT Global Ventures, a startup venture capital firm focused on the alternative energy and telecommunications sectors. He’s been head of the borough’s Democratic committee for the past two years. Wilcox is a Senior Enterprise Architect for Delphix, a software company headquartered in Silicon Valley.

“I was inspired to run because I believe government works best when all citizens are engaged in the decision-making process,” Wilcox said. “Adding Democrats’ voices to the Council will ensure all of our citizens have a voice in the future of Chatham.”

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Kobylarz added, “The issues facing Chatham Borough, including those pertaining to the future shape of this beautiful community, must be handled fairly, rationally, and transparently, with full input from borough residents, including both Democrats and Republicans.”

Kobylarz and Wilcox both regard Chatham as an exceptional place to live, with its beautiful open spaces, top-ranked school district, exceptional athletic and recreational programs, and community events.

“I believe there’s no better place in New Jersey to call home than Chatham,” Kobylarz said. “I also see that we face twenty-first century challenges related to growth, economic development, and social change that will require smart planning, development, and preservation.”

The pair of Democrats are running on a platform that balances economic development in Chatham with the maintenance and improvement of safety and quality of life, as well as the preservation of open spaces and history.

Wilcox explains, “We need to consider how we’re going to develop our downtown and how we’ll continue to improve quality of life for our families, while keeping our tax rates low. Leveraging my technology and data expertise, I’ll plan and support smart development in Chatham.”

In addition to development, Kobylarz and Wilcox plan to focus on public safety and maintaining a high quality of life in Chatham by working to provide police, fire departments, and the Office of Emergency Management with the support and resources they need to be effective.

“As your Councilmen, we’ll work hard to preserve the traditional character and charm of our
beautiful borough, while balancing the need to cautiously move our community forward for the
benefit of future generations,” said Kobylarz.

Kobylarz and Wilcox will be holding a joint campaign fundraiser on August 29, 2017 at 6:00pm
at Drip Coffee on Main Street in Chatham. Wilcox said, “We’re looking forward to meeting
Chatham Borough residents on Tuesday and in the coming weeks to hear about their concerns
and perspectives on Chatham so we can bring their voices into the municipal government