CHATHAM, NJ - While many families are still without power and recovering from Hurricane Sandy, Valley National Bank in Chatham attempted to put smiles on faces Saturday as they held a Kids Day event.

It took place from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and there was food, face painting, tattoos and balloons. Many families showed up and some customers participated as well.

Michael Goodnight, who is the President of the Chatham Area Chamber of Commerce and assistant vice president and branch sales manager, said they weren’t sure how the day would pan out because of the recent inclement weather, but it was definitely a success. While it has taken place at other branches in the area, this was the first time in Chatham.

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The event was planned in September before Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey and he and District Manager Aileen Boyle decided it would benefit the community to have it. He said all of the credit for the event goes to Boyle, who was the mastermind behind it.

Goodnight even had his daughter and one of her friends attracting customers as they dressed up in Valley National Bank costumes and stood outside waving to people. There was also a woman name Snooky doing the face painting and an employee in a lion costume.

“I’ve seen even the adults leave with tattoos," he said.

Several families came throughout the day and definitely had a blast, he said. In addition to the youngsters having fun, a big part of the afternoon Goodnight said was enticing parents to sign their kids up for children’s accounts.

“We wanted to get the word out for kids’ accounts,” he said. Goodnight added quite a few people did enroll as well.

Jeffrey Kraft, who is the first vice president at the Madison Avenue office in New York City, ventured out to New Jersey for the afternoon. At his branch, they hold business networking events often, but never had anything like this.

“I think the event was an excellent idea because we’ve been ravaged by the storm,” he said. “It’s a good chance for people to get out and have a smile on their face.”

He said he enjoyed seeing families of employees and he was even able to acquire new clients as well.

Customer Service Representative Daniela Letren worked the majority of the day, but as the afternoon winded down she relaxed and got a few tattoos. She had a fairy, lips and a rose put on her wrists.

“It’s a good event to see everybody smile,” she said. “I love little kids. Seeing all the kids running around was interesting. I still have some kid in me.”