It might seem surprising that the Mayor of Tampa, Florida is writing a letter of endorsement for Vicki Fife who is running for a seat on the Chatham Borough Council.  But I am particularly qualified to write a letter attesting to her character and qualifications because of our friendship that spans thirty-two years, beginning as roommates in college at The American University.

Our time together at American University was probably not unlike that of many other coeds – good times mixed with serious studying, and a mutual respect of our nation’s capital and institutions. We were both Political Science majors and enjoyed debating the issues of the day. After college I returned home to Tampa, Florida and pursued a career in local politics. We both married and became moms. Over the years our friendship continued to grow stronger as we shared the stories of motherhood and career.

Vicki married Peter Fife and they moved to Chatham where they raised their children, Emilie and Alexander. As a couple they focused on their own small business venture as realtors for Prudential. I was not surprised that Vicki chose this route, for she has always been good with people, direct and honest and hardworking. Together they have established excellent reputations and people come back to them year after year as they need to buy and sell homes.

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I was proud when Vicki told me she was seeking a seat on the Borough Council. Vicki is a problem solver by nature and she sees her service on the Council as a way to give back and help her community work through issues. She is honest and forthright, and most importantly, understands the meaning of being a public servant.

As her close friend and as one who has had the privilege of being a public servant for 26 years, I hope the citizens of Chatham will give Vicki Fife an opportunity to serve the community on the Borough Council. She will make you proud.