• School-aged children in Chatham Township or Chatham Borough

• Individuals, a group of friends, a Scout Troop, a classroom, your Club, a team, etc. may enter


Video and Entry Information must be received by Monday March 1, 2010

Winners will be announced April 1, 2010 (Earth Month)


• Kids noticed that many people in the Chathams are putting garbage in our recycle containers.

• Most people don't know what materials can go into our recycle containers

• Kids want to help—they can make a difference

WHAT: Make a one minute video that explains to viewers (1) why they should not put garbage in our recycle containers and (2) that only plastic bottles and jugs, marked with a recycle code #1 PETE or #2 HDPE can be recycled in the Chathams.

We will post the winners' videos, during Earth Month April 2010 on the towns' websites, and on our Recreation website, and many other websites. We will publish the winning stories in our local papers.

HOW: Email us your digital video (avi, mwv, flash, etc.) and your entry information (Your Name, Age, Grade, Address, Home Telephone Number, Your Parents'/Guardians' names, and the title of your video): go to the "Contact Us" box at http://www.chathamtownship.org/CTEC/index.html  

TIPS: Your video must cover the two points above in the "What" section. Below is some information that may help you. Our Environmental Commissioners can give you more information: ecommissioner@gmail.com.

1. Garbage should not be put in our recycle containers:

 If garbage is put into a recycle container, then the recyclables get "contaminated" and they can no longer be recycled. They will be taken away as garbage and end up in our landfills

 Our laws require us to keep our recyclable materials separate from our garbage

 People need to be reminded that it is illegal to put garbage into a recycle container

2. Other important points about plastics and recycling: We cannot accept all types and shapes of plastics. ONLY bottle-shaped and jug-shaped plastics #1 PETE and #2 HDPE are currently accepted for recycling. Any other plastics should not be put in a Co-Mingle Recycle container. It only adds to the rising costs of recycling that we all have to pay, and there are environmental costs too. Additional transporting, sorting, and disposing will be required and the unacceptable plastics will be processed as "garbage" (solid waste) and end up going to our NJ landfills.

Only winning videos will be posted, published, etc., and no posting or publication, etc. will occur until a Release is received. Releases will be requested of parents/guardians only after winning videos have been selected and winners notified and confirm participation.

Contest is sponsored by Chatham Township and Chatham Borough Environmental Commissions