Treat yourself to an afternoon of fun, and visit the Cranford Farmer’s Market. Make it a special day and plan a picnic. Pack a lunch and head for a seat in their comfortable gazebo. Located right on the premises of the Cranford Farmer’s Market, regardless of rain, the lively market opens every Thursday afternoon at 2 p.m. and continues through to 7 p.m. Scheduled to close for the year on October 30th, there is more than enough time to purchase your favorite fruits, vegetables, flowers, and certainly pumpkins to celebrate Halloween. Located on Municipal Lot 1, at the corner of Springfield and North Union Avenues, in Cranford, look forward to a plethora of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh baked breads, pastries, fresh cheese, and so much more. Plan to enjoy a whole lot of family fun and entertainment which usually takes place, later in the day.

“It’s nice to know that our township, as well as folks from Garwood and Westfield come to shop at our Farmer’s Market,” said Township Commissioner Mary O’Connor who is always on the job at the exciting Cranford Farmer’s Market.

Do yourself a favor and make a day out of it. Pack a delicious lunch or afternoon snack, and head for the charming gazebo.  While there, make a  list of the fresh fruits and vegetables you might be needing for the week, along with fresh breads, cake, and pastries you may be craving. Before you leave, pickup a bunch of fresh flowers to brighten your home, and when the spirit moves you, simply wander the market and visit with the vendors.

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Sponsored by the Cranford Community Connection, the market features locally sourced New Jersey fresh Fruits and Vegetables along with Westfield’s Patricia and Paul Oils and Balsamics, beautiful fresh produce smartly priced from Melick’s Town Farm, fresh produce and flowers from Peaceful Valley Orchard in South Jersey, Cheeses and specialty items including Chicken Pot Pies and Crab Cakes from Hoboken Farms, Pickles from Picklelicious, Hummus, delicious cheese, and other offerings from Maria Tisdale’s wonderful Cheese Please Shop in Cranford,  specialty Juices from The Juice House, fresh baked breads from Lithuanian Bakery, and so much more.   Participating vendors feature New Jersey farmers and specialty food producers as well as Cranford businesses.

The Cranford Community Connection is a newly formed committee that brings together members from different organizations to promote community spirit and involvement. Among the groups involved are the Centennial Village Group, Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Management Group. Proceeds from the Farmer’s Market will be used to help fund a rain garden in Cranford.

Cranford Farmer’s Market,
Located at Cranford Municipal Lot #1
Corner of North Union and Springfield Avenues in Cranford
Time:Thursday afternoon from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Featuring locally sourced New Jersey farm-fresh produce, fresh cheeses, preserves, fresh breads, pies and cakes, pickles, and so much more.

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LA GRIGLIA in Kenilworth
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La Griglia is located at 740 Boulevard in Kenilworth.
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