I would like to encourage all Chatham Township Republicans and Independents to vote for Laura Ali Nonnenmacher in the June 5th Primary Election.

I know her to be a proven leader in the school community as District Cabinet President and Southern Boulevard School’s PTO president, where she was called upon nearly every day to serve.  We need leaders with successful track records to mobilize people into action.

When Laura is elected as a Committewoman for the Township of Chatham, we will all be lucky to have her energy and her 19-year knowledge of the people and places of the township.  Laura’s past professional executive experience with Fortune 100 companies and her current business of turning around small companies will help her achieve her stated goal of revitalizing the Hickory Tree shopping area. I look forward to working on commercial area grant programs with her, as well as other community projects.

Laura’s greatest strength is motivating people to solve problems. She will not simply show up at meetings and respond. Rather, she will be proactive and create solutions, efficiency, and transparency in our government.