Dear Editor,
Vote for Len Resto and Peter Hoffman for Chatham Borough Council in the Republican Primary.
When Len told me he was relocating to Pennsylvania, I was excited for him being offered a new opportunity, but I was sad for myself and Chatham Borough that he would have to step down from the Council.
Len is an innovative, hard-working, intelligent, diplomatic individual. He is always ready to help at a moment’s notice. When Len takes on a project, he gets it done better than anyone would have conceived it to be. He has chaired or served on nine committees or commissions. His dedication to the environment and to reduce costs produces successful, tangible results.
Aware of Len’s community-mindedness, as soon as he returned to Chatham, our Mayor asked him to chair the Train Station’s 100th Anniversary Celebration. Between the Museum in the Train Station and the wooden train whistle blowing record broken, it was one of the most fun events I have ever participated in and I was born in Chatham!
When I met Peter Hoffman, I was immediately taken by his passion for and knowledge of Chatham. He understands what needs to be done and the most efficient way to accomplish specific goals.  When Peter told me he was running, I was pleased because I know he will devote all the time and expertise he has to be a great Councilman. For 10 years, Peter has been on the Zoning Board of Adjustment and has been Chairman since 2005.
During this time, he has been working hard to make the variance process more resident friendly to encourage capital reinvestment. His 25-year career in finance, gives him the background to understand and solve fiscal challenges that face Chatham Borough. Peter is a member of St. Patrick Church, where I have been attending since I was baptized. Seeing him as an usher or a member of the congregation reminds me of how centered he is.
Peter and Len have chosen to devote themselves to the greater good for all Chatham residents. On June 2nd, please make your way to the bottom of the Republican Ballot and cast your votes on line 15 for Len Resto and line 13 for Peter Hoffman for Chatham Borough Council.
Julie Gaydos Muller
Chatham Borough