Dear Editor:

On Primary Day, June 5, we urge residents to give Council President Len Resto and Councilman Peter Hoffman their strong support before heading into the November election by ratifying their nomination.

Both of these fine public servants volunteer their time to do what’s best for all Borough residents and are not beholden to special interests nor do they seek to advance any partisan political agendas. They have done an outstanding job keeping the Borough’s property taxes in check and while delivering cost-efficient services. They believe in transparency and considering the views of all stakeholders before deciding any issue. They are the right people to be guiding the Borough as it considers unlocking the potential in our town through careful redevelopment. 

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Len and Peter are hard-working, honest and “behind the scenes” types who don’t seek out the spotlight; rather, the spotlight comes to them…and for good reason.

For these reasons, we urge you to vote for Len Resto and Peter Hoffman on Tuesday, June 5th.


Chris and Jennifer Weiss

Elmwood Avenue