To the Editor,

I write to express not only my unwavering support for the reelection of Mayor Kevin Sullivan to the Chatham Township Committee, but also to warn voters of the consequences of the election of Stacey Ewald to the committee.

You will recall that this past April Mrs. Ewald wholeheartedly supported the Board of Education’s misguided $25MM Referendum. Virtually seven out of 10 Township voters who turned out to vote, voted “No” to significantly increase taxes and chose not to authorize the BOE to borrow against our future for a seemingly indiscriminate “Wish List” of projects.

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Clearly neither the Board of Ed nor Mrs. Ewald had their finger on the pulse of our Township and the priorities of its residents. Mayor Kevin Sullivan, however, has shown the need to be fiscally prudent as we look to the future. He clearly understands the impending financial burdens of increased Medical Insurance Premiums for our Teachers and Public Employees.  Additionally, he is sensitive to the possibility of Pension Reform mandates which may be handed down from the State of NJ and how they will only further financial strain on Chatham Township residents.

That is because ALL these added costs will be passed along directly to us, the Taxpayers of Chatham Township.

And yet Mrs. Ewald questions the budget surplus that Chatham Township is currently fortunate enough to carry on its books. Does she suggest that be spent, too, particularly in light of these looming fiscal challenges?

The Township simply cannot afford Stacey Ewald on the Township Committee. We need to elect the candidate that has a proven track record of responsible financial restraint, coupled with a clear vision of prudent necessary spending to take us into the future.

I am endorsing a vote for fiscal restraint on November 3rd  And that vote is a vote to reelect Kevin Sullivan.


Leslie Pierce

Chatham Township