I am writing to endorse the Chatham Borough Memorial Park Pool. 

I re-kindled my love affair with the pool in July and by Labor Day I had lost 25 pounds after swimming almost every day. During these past wonderful summer months the oasis of fun I had known growing up in Chatham, existed for me again and I am not alone.  Membership is open to all residents and many share my passion.  We believe that the nominal annual cost of only 15 extra tax dollars per household, is a bargain for the fun, exercise and camaraderie the pool offers. 

The community pool we enjoy today, has a rich history.  In 1926, the American Legion built the pool in response to tragic drownings in the Passaic River.  The pool was designed to be a safe place to learn to swim and thousands of children have become good swimmers there, as did I.  In 1961, Memorial Park Pool was donated to the Borough of Chatham and since then safety, necessity and community have been at the core of its existence. 

Let's continue this wonderful tradition by voting yes on November 2nd for the Chatham Borough Pool Referendum Question and consider joining us next summer.