A short time ago, I wrote to express my frustration with Washington’s failure to provide responsible leadership during difficult times.  Specifically, I have taken note of my own Congressman, Rodney Frelinghuysen, who has a particularly unimpressive twenty-year record of sitting on the sidelines on important issues. From debt reduction and gun control to healthcare and immigration reform, Congressman Frelinghuysen has failed to lead while a divided Congress argues off of talking points.

This week, the Supreme Court heard arguments on the question of gay marriage and, specifically, the federal government’s efforts to legislate discrimination against gay Americans through the Defense of Marriage Act.  Gay marriage is one of the seminal civil rights issues of the day and the Congressman has cast several votes on bills impacting gay rights over his career.   So this week, I was surprised to learn that several neighbors called the Congressman’s offices in New Jersey and Washington only to be told by his staff members that they were unaware of the Congressman’s position on gay marriage. 

This nation needs courageous leadership to bridge our divisions and solve problems.  Congressman – your constituents would like you to answer a simple question – are you for or against gay marriage?


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Mark Dunec

Livingston, NJ