Dear Editor,

For all the reasons everyone has already stated we wholeheartedly endorse Stacey Ewald for Chatham Township Committee but we'd like to offer an additional extremely important one that needs to be at the forefront of every voters mind.

If you are one of the groundswell of neighbors that oppose the Pilgrim Pipeline, we must elect Stacey Ewald to the Township Committee. Yes there has been a lot of press about the resolution that was passed, but unfortunately that was just the ceremonial first step in the opposition process.

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If Chris Christie passes legislation that enables Pilgrim Pipeline to build the pipeline as part of eminent domain status (which many say could happen shortly after the November election), well then who do we have on our side to stand up to him and stop this?  Currently we have five (5) Chris Christie Republicans representing all of Chatham Township. If we are lucky enough to have just one relentless fighter who is not beholding to anyone, it could be a game changer. And if you don't know Stacey personally, let us  tell you that she is a that is brilliant, resourceful and a leader that mobilizes the masses into action.

Please get out and vote on Tuesday and when you do push the button next to Stacey Ewald's name!


Anu Bliss