CHATHAM, NJ - Yo Lotta Luv showed some love to Chatham residents on Saturday with plenty of frozen yogurt, and to the community by raising funds to benefit Relay for Life.

Yo Lotta Luv owner Jeffrey Burnett said Saturday's grand re-opening was a way to spend time with the community.

“We opened on Good Friday, which was roughly three weeks ago, but we wanted to give back to the community and we couldn’t find the right day,” he said. “Now that the store has this relationship with Relay for Life, we felt like it was the perfect time to have an event like this and introduce the business to the neighborhood.”

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Burnett and his wife, Arlene, and Cindy and Anthony LaSalle, previously owned Berkeley Business Conceptions, LLC. They wanted to start their new venture in the fall of 2012. There was already a plan made out with the name, location, and layout of the business (from what was going to be sold to the actual design of the place). Anthony LaSalle spoke about the business plans to the Chatham Planning Committee.

“The town seems to do a pretty good lunch business," LaSalle said. "We anticipate a pretty good mixture of foot and vehicular traffic.”

The activities that were offered at Yo Lotta Luv at the re-opening included games that were appropriated for younger and older kids.

”We have face painting, balloon animals, and fluorescent necklaces for the later kids, sunglasses and leis,” Burnett said.

The event lasted all day, ending at 6 p.m, the cut-off hour to have donations go to the Relay for Life, scheduled for June 1. Jenna Clausen, one of the campaign members of the Relay for Life, spoke about how the event will help the cause.

“This is the first time Relay for Life is coming to Chatham and we are very excited about it,” she said. “About 20 percent of all sales that are made at today’s event are going to the American Cancer Society. This event is a fundraiser to earn up money for cancer research. We have already raised about 30K, but our goal is 60k and we hope to accomplish this with the events that we are planning."

Burnett said he's pleased Yo Lotta Luv can be a part of the event, and the Chatham community in general.

“Business has been great for us so far, and we really love being able to give back to the community," he said.