To the Editor

As I watch the next “Weather Event” cross my computer screen I am compelled not to roll my eyes in hopelessness to but reflect on the incredible response of helpfulness I have seen throughout the Chatham Township Community over the last several days. 

We are a rural community with dozen of miles of winding road yet we have seen our volunteer first responders and public employees out every day making welfare checks, answering medical calls, digging out fire hydrants, sawing down limbs to assist the power company and blocking off dangerous roads to protect our residents.  

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And we have seen our residents then turning around and offer these dedicated folks their thanks, food, and beverages to fuel their labors, helping their neighbors shovel out, opening their homes to those without power and working with local religious leaders to open facilities for warmth, electricity and some community spirit. 

I’m proud of my fellow Chatham Township residents for not hunkering down but rather for chipping in and showing what it really means to be a good neighbor. 

And I’m proud of my colleagues on Chatham Township Committee led by Mayor Curt Ritter and OEM Coordinator Committeeman Kevin Sullivan who have shown great leadership and willingness to communicate what is not always good news or what we want to hear. The leaders in our administration, Township Administrator Tom Ciccarone, CTPD Chief Steven Hennelly, Deputy OEM Coordinator CTPD Lt. Thomas Miller and Director of DPW Richard Young have been available to us 24/7 for over a week. They deserve our thanks. 

In closing, I will reiterate my pride in and gratitude to all of the individuals and teams, residents, volunteers and employees that continue to show why Chatham Township is a unique and wonderful place to live! 

Stay #TownshipStrong

Karen M. Swartz

Deputy Mayor 

Chatham Township