CHATHAM, NJ - Her four school-age Chatham kids are home. Her husband still goes to work. And she has her own Long Hill Township students to teach from her remote location as well.

Chatham mother and in-class resource teacher Tara Stepanian is busier than ever since the Coronavirus pandemic closed schools and put her to work teaching from home.

"Work from home has a whole different meaning when the WHOLE family is working from home," Tara Stepanian said. 

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As an in-class resource teacher, Tara is accustomed to working with many different teachers and many different students. But this is different for her.

“I had to create a spreadsheet to manage it all," she said. "I have four kids each with at least six different teachers. I co-teach so add five more teachers to that. That is 29 different teacher expectations. Everyone has a different due date, due time and individualized ways to complete assignments.”

In the Chatham School District, the Stepanians have a high school sophomore, an eighth-grader, a sixth-grader and a second-grader.

"To help maximize effectiveness each room of the house is now a designated office so that each child can have a personal workspace," she said.

According to Stepanian, her kids are busy working for at least four hours, maybe more.  

"There is a bright side to working with the family," she said. “All my laundry is done. The kids are eating healthy meals. The dog goes on tons of walks. We are able to sleep late. Best of all, last night we played Monopoly as a family. 

"The kids are managing their workloads responsibly and effectively. But when given the option, the kids unanimously decided that going to school is easier and more fun!"