It seems as though Chatham Education Foundation’s Trivia Night has survived the seven-year itch! On Saturday, Nov. 17, the Chatham Education Foundation hosted 400 players at its 7th Annual Trivia Night between its two locations once again – a sold-out evening at Fish and Game and a full house at Mountainview. There was an abundance of creativity as well as finely crafted food and beverage on theme. Forty tables competed to raise approximately $24,000 to benefit all six schools of the School District of the Chathams.

Literary powerhouses that have stood either the test of time or sensation  were aplenty, with A Novel Idea taking the lead as the overall winner between both locations as well as the Best Table winner at Fish and Game. Each contestant was dressed up as a novel: The Catcher in the Rye, Fifty Shades of Gray, The Scarlet Letter, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Old Man and the Sea, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Devil Wears Prada, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and The Bible – in no particular order! After a hiatus from the leaderboard, A Novel Idea, formerly known as Night at the Museum from 2017, came back with a vengeance.

Last year’s overall winner returned to Fish and Game with the humble moniker One Hit Wonders. Next year we fully expect this group to make a strong return, just like A Novel Idea did this year!

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Carniums, the thinking person’s traveling circus, replete with a tattoo lady, gypsy fortune teller, bearded lady, strong man, a pair of mimes, knife thrower, crazy clown, and their ringmaster of course, went on to snag the Best Dressed title at Fish and Game. At Mountainview, it looked like the cast of Hamilton was in the house. Elizabeth Schuyler and Alexander Hamilton, Martha and George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Marquis de Lafayette, Elizabeth Wells and Sam Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Abigail Adams. Founding Fathers and Mothers took home the Best Dressed title at Mountainview for their period evocation of the brave men and women who forged our path for generations to come…leading to our present-day and age of…college admissions scandals.

On parole for the evening were the likes of Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman. Orange is the New Price of Admissions donned full orange jumpsuits while Admission: Impossible surrounded themselves with test prep study guides, in direct contrast to the more laid back high school and college escapades and debacles of the 80s and 90s, with neighboring contestants Bill and Ted Are Excellent at Trivia, It’s Greek to Me and Fast Times at Chatham High.

At Mountainview, Naked and ASTUTE emerged victor both for the game at Mountainview and Best Table. No need to be afraid when you are astute! Whether your worst nightmare is tiny hands, not winning best costume, or boxed wine, you need not fear for your safety with this group whose combined Personal Survival Rating is close to a 10! Naked and ASTUTE is also a part of the returning victors club, having captured Best Dressed last year and both Winner at Mountainview and Best Table in 2017.

Faces, hair, and clothes scorched by wind, heat, and pure intellectual firepower, Caught in a Brain Storm puzzled over the meaning of gamomania (morbid obsession with marriage), the first European to discover North America (Leif Erikson), and somewhat obscure Incubus lyrics. No shortage of brainpower meant a few groups were apart by literally a point each: Nerd Herders, Intellectual Piracy, Smarty Pants, Carniums, and Green Village People each duked it out, it all coming down to their knowledge of centripetal force, neutrons, protons, electrons, onomatopoeia, and why the Irish left Ireland in the 1840s (yes, the potato famine indeed!).

At Mountainview, Naked and ASTUTE had heavy competition from The Quizzarding World of Harry Potter, beating them out by a mere point. In tie for third were C Squared, Team Tallmadge, and E=mc Hammer. Perhaps it came down to how fast they could sort colored Skittles (this year’s physical challenge), or how many college nicknames/mascots they could recognize. Either way, there was a mix of merriment and moxie on display by Chatham’s finest minds.

Wrangling the crew of unruly Harry Potters, demagorgons, and grunge musicians were the elegant Chris Tomaino at Mountainview and the entertaining Patrick Grady at Fish and Game. Chatham Education Foundation thanks these two wonderful emcees for tirelessly leading the contestants through ten rounds of questions. The evening also would not be possible without the evening’s fabulous game masters and critical minds, Zahrah Khan, Erik Metviner, Nona LeRoux, and Julie Lee. Warm gratitude is extended to these individuals for the intellectual energy and labor they put into making the evening a spectacular success. A special Thank You to School of Rock, Dr. Barbara Fodero at Chatham Orthodontics, and Simonfay Landscaping for sponsoring the event. Chatham Education Foundation also thanks Judi Whiting from Chatham Courier as well as Alan Routh and Alexandra Routh for their fine photography. Also, the evening could not have happened without the efforts of the many volunteers who generously gave up their time to ensure the success of the event.

It is time to close the books on another great fundraising event, but if you think you have a penchant for pop culture, music, movies, Chatham trivia, and the odd piece of esoteric or existential knowledge, please join Chatham Education Foundation in fall 2020 for its 8 th year celebrating trivia hounds everywhere! If you are looking for spring 2020’s hot ticket in town, please join Chatham Education Foundation for Casino Royale on April 24, 2020 at Fairmount Country Club. Also, please mark your calendars for Chatham Education Foundation’s second annual TEDxYouth event on May 8, 2020.

In addition, Chatham Education Foundation’s fall appeal campaign is underway. Please consider making a donation at this time. Donations can be made at

The Chatham Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that raises private funds to support all six schools in the SDOC to pay for initiatives and teacher requested grants that fall outside the school budget. To date CEF has given over $1,400,000 to the Chatham public schools. For more information about Chatham Education Foundation, please visit the website above.