CHATHAM, NJ - Lea Casano-Boris says she fell in love with 3D art while taking classes with teacher Janet Kraemer at Lafayette School.

"I spent a lot of time in her art room, where we made so many projects together," Casano-Boris said. "After Lafayette, I was no longer interested in drawing and painting because I felt I could make things with more depth through sculpture. At the middle school and CHS, I then discovered that my favorite medium was clay, so I continued to apply all the techniques that Mrs. Kraemer had taught me, just through a different medium."

The Chatham High sophomore was one of the many students showing off their talents at the annual district-wide art show held Monday and Tuesday at CHS, where she earned "Best 3D" recognition among CHS students with her "Tiki" set. Her art teacher is Kiera Spadaro.

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"The Tikis are slab constructions made with red and white clay," Casano-Boris said. "I formed their tall broad shapes by taking slabs of clay and wrapping them around tall paint bottles.

"I had a lot of fun manipulating the glazes on these Tikis, where I layered colors and played with opalescent hues so I could achieve an ancient/antique look. I wanted the glaze to make them seem like they had a wood grain. I feel like every Tiki portrays some sort of emotion based on their facial features, and I love how unique each one is."

The event included art projects from all grades K-12 in the School District of the Chathams. Interactive art was available for students such as yarn weaving and pottery making. Walls and tables were filled with pieces by students throughout the gym for viewers to weave through and appreciate, and the Chatham High School orchestra played music throughout the event for onlookers to enjoy.

“We were thrilled to see hundreds of people flow through the gymnasium at the High School," Spadaro said. "The energy was high and the appreciation for the overwhelming talent of our students, K-12, could be heard echoing from family to family.”

The 2019 district art show is in its third year.

“Previously, each school in the district had their own individual show, where all students were asked to hang a piece,"  Chatham High School art teacher Eric Hreha said. "With the district-wide show, artworks are vetted. Only the pieces that demonstrate artistic merit deemed by the art teacher are displayed,”

Judges for the show included local artists in Chatham such as Celeste Fondaco of the Art League of the Chathams and David Hill, owner of Walkley Works.

Winners were as follows:

High School 2D Best in Show: Hannah Wetter

High School 3D Best in Show: Lea Casano-Boris

High School Honorable Mention: Ava Tesoriero

High School Honorable Mention: Christopher Castello

High School Honorable Mention: Anna Pan

High School Honorable Mention: Amelia Sleeman

High School Honorable Mention: Savannah Berry

High School Honorable Mention: Vincent Liu

High School Honorable Mention: Erica Iizuka

High School Honorable Mention: Tessa Abrams

Middle School 6th Grade Best 2D: Ryan Bolger

Middle School 7th Grade Best 2D: Maddie Jepsen

Middle School 8th Grade Best 2D: Alice Raybosh

Middle School 6th Grade Best 3D: Bani Sond

Middle School 7th Grade Best 3D: Sawyer Shaw

Middle School 8th Grade Best 3D: Charlotte Bandekow

High School Best 3D in show went to Lea Casano-Boris for “Tiki Set.”

High School best 2D in show went to Hannah Wetter for “The Partition.”

Middle School 6th grade Best 2D went to Ryan Bolger.


Middle School 6th grade Best 3D went to Bani Sond.

Middle School 7th grade Best 2D went to Maddie Jepsen.


Middle school 7th grade Best 3D went to Sawyer Shaw.

Middle school 8th grade Best 2D went to Alice Raybosh.