Dear Editor,

Elections should be about issues and ideas, but Tayfun Selen won’t allow that. Single-handedly, Tayfun has created a toxic political environment through unprecedented bully tactics that are unacceptable for any community, much less Chatham Township. Tayfun resorts to name-calling and legal harassment to intimidate and silence people who disagree with him. Rather than expose his vacuous platform, Tayfun regularly stifles debate with his incessant gavel.

In his first mailer to Chatham Township Republicans, Tayfun smeared his opponents, Rez Estevez and Mark Hamilton, as dishonest race-baiters for speaking truthfully about an article that is publicly available. The author of the article interviewed Tayfun and quoted him disparaging Chatham Township as “anti-immigrant,” that he views “white, male, wealthy and native” Americans as “unfriendly and angry,” and that Chatham Township “had a lot of this view.”  Tayfun was further quoted saying that “My election is a slap in the faces of white, Christian Americans.”  These comments have no place in Chatham Township.

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In addition to this no-class mailer, Tayfun has further harassed his opponents through baseless legal means.  He sent a “cease and desist” letter to Rez and Mark insisting they stop telling the truth about Tayfun’s ugly remarks. Tayfun’s campaign, flush with cash from outside interest groups, seeks to badger his opponents legally rather than acknowledge his disdainful comments.

Here’s an even more chilling example of Tayfun’s politics-of-intimidation.  A private Chatham resident had the audacity to decisively disagree with Tayfun publicly.  To retaliate, Tayfun filed an unfounded bias-crime allegation against the individual costing thousands of dollars to defend, as well as hours of time away from work and family. Tayfun’s tyrannical approach to public disagreement should be alarming to all of Chatham Township.

We deserve better than a political hack who’s using Chatham as a stepping stone, and who will stop at nothing to advance his oversized political ambitions.  Please vote for Mark Hamilton and Rez Estevez on June 4th.

Julia Turco

Chatham Township