To the Editor

I am asking the readers, the residents of Chatham Township, to join me in looking back to the days when we were first unpacking boxes and settling into our homes here, whether it was in the last year or in the last century.  Remember those proud moments having chosen to move to one of the very best towns in NJ. None of us moved to Chatham Township because we were out of options.  In fact I’d say that most of us count moving here among the smartest decisions we ever made.

Why then, I ask myself (and you should, too) has the constant drumbeat for “Change” become a bludgeon, used to beat up and bully the many of us who actually like Chatham Township pretty well the way it is?

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Don’t we wish to protect and preserve this wonderful township?  We should be endorsing the well-tested philosophy that smaller and less intrusive government is better government, that the homeowner should have the rights and is right most of the time, and that our common focus should be defending against the bigger problems that are more and more coming from outside Chatham Township.

From the Democrat side it seems we are being suffocated by a negative patchwork of minutia and shiny pennies somehow bundled together and called “issues.” That’s not Policy, that’s bob and weave, that’s bait and switch, that’s confusion.

I respect and endorse the Team of Rez Estevez and Mark Hamilton for Township Committee for the exact reason that their allegiance is to a steady and cogent approach to local government.  The siren’s call to grow our government and the clamoring for ways to spend money on programs to benefit only a few will steadily hand us larger municipal tax burdens down the road. Isn’t it bad enough that we here in NJ already face some of the largest burdens in the nation.

Estevez and Hamilton get their motivation from a desire to protect our tradition of simplicity and sanity here in Chatham Township, and will choose to fight the smarter-than-you outside bag and baggage seeping into our community by the “Change” crowd from all corners of this blue state in spite of the curious and overwhelming campaign dollars that are coming with it.

Let’s not lose sight of who we are in Chatham Township and why we chose to be here in the first place. Let’s elect Rez Estevez and Mark Hamilton to represent us on Nov. 5

Karen Swartz
Yarmouth Road
Chatham Township