To the Editor:

Tuesday is Election Day and my purpose for writing is two-fold.  The first is to once again ask you to vote for the team of Bob WEBER, Stacey McEVOY and Paul KELLEY for Chatham Borough Mayor and Council.  The second reason is to urge you to vote “YES” on Public Question #1.

The team of WEBER, McEVOY and KELLEY is ready to be your voice on the important issues facing the Borough: rising property taxes, redevelopment and traffic management just to name a few.  WEBER, McEVOY and KELLEY are community-minded volunteers committed to finding reasonable, common sense, consensus-driven solutions to these issues and others.  The team of WEBER, McEVOY and KELLEY promise to pursue positive progress for Chatham Borough, not political agendas.

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In addition to voting for WEBER, McEVOY and KELLEY, I am urging voters to vote “YES” on Public Question #1. The question involves amending the NJ Constitution to extend the veteran property tax deduction ($250) to veterans who live in continuing care facilities.  The constitutional amendment is intended to rectify a discrepancy in the law that allows veterans who reside in private homes to get the benefit of the tax deduction but denies the benefit to veterans who reside in continuing care facilities.  This group of currently excluded veterans risked their lives and fought for the rest of us, so making them eligible for the property tax deduction is the least we can do for them.  Please recognize the sacrifice of all veterans and vote “YES” on Public Question #1.

Regardless of whom you plan to vote for, get out and vote on November 5th.  Most importantly, vote “YES” on Public Question #1.