To the Editor:

Chatham Township is one of the most desirable places to live in New Jersey.  The schools are regularly rated in the Top 5, property taxes are reasonable, citizens are among the safest in all of New Jersey, and it has a thriving set of community activities.  While there are many factors contributing to Chatham Township’s success, certainly much of the credit belongs to the careful stewardship of local governance.  The continuation of this success is vital to the health of our community, so it is highly noteworthy that FOUR previous Chatham Township Mayors endorse Rez Estevez and Mark Hamilton in the upcoming Republican Primary on June 4th.

  • From Curt Ritter: “I am proud to endorse Mark Hamilton and Rez Estevez-solid Republicans who will always put Chatham first before their own self-interest. Their focus on low taxes, public safety, and property rights will help ensure that Chatham Township remains a great place to live, raise a family, and retire.”
  • From Kevin Sullivan: “Rez and Mark are seeking election for the right reasons.  They will put the taxpayers and Township’s best interest first.”
  • From Nicole Hagner: “I believe Rez and Mark will continue the long tradition of success in the Township and I fully endorse them.”
  • From Bailey Brower: “Chatham Township enjoys its favorable tax and fiscal positions due to the fiscal responsibility of the past mayors, and I know Rez and Mark will continue that tradition.”

The current mayor is taking a dramatic shift away from these successful policies.  He is increasing the size and cost of local government, spending unnecessary time and money on projects nobody wants, silencing his colleagues and citizens, and attacking his opponents with democratic-style identity politics.  He represents the worst type of politician: self-obsessed, dishonest, and power-mad.  He will clearly stop at nothing to win, including smears, lies and spending unprecedented sums of money. 

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It is critical to continue the conservative leadership that has made our town so successful by casting your vote for Rez Estevez and Mark Hamilton in the Republican Primary on June 4th.

Curt Ritter, Chatham Township Mayor 2016-2018

Kevin Sullivan, Chatham Township Mayor 2014-2015

Bailey Brower, Chatham Township Mayor 2014

Nicole Hagner, Chatham Township Mayor 2010-2013