To the Editor:

Rez Estevez and Mark Hamilton have already made a difference for the residents of our town.  They challenged the Township Committee and the Planning Board recently on Development Fee Ordinance, 2019 -14 which was deemed inconsistent with the Master Plan.  That ordinance as originally written would have placed a punitive tax on any homeowner making improvements to their existing homes to fund affordable housing. Rez and Mark realized that this action would have been in direct contrast to behavior that members of the Township Committee should encourage of all our homeowners, to maintain and improve their homes.

Rez and Marks' questions on issues throughout this campaign have been the exact opposite of some of the rote responses we have seen from their opponents. Their backgrounds have trained them to question, analyze and solve complex issues and negotiate best outcomes.  At this critical time in our town's ongoing affordable housing negotiations, Mark and Rez are aptly suited to provide critical thinking on this issue and others.

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As former Committee members and Mayors we realize that often it’s not about whether if the government is too big or too small, it’s about what is the right size government for our Township. We also realize the role of the Committee is to set policy.  In doing so, it’s also about the right people, working together and capable of making well-reasoned decisions and fully evaluating and understanding the impact of those decisions on all of us. Rez Estevez and Mark Hamilton are the right people, with the right backgrounds, temperament and experience to do so.  Please join us in voting for Rez Estevez and Mark Hamilton on Tuesday, November 5th.


Nicole Hagner, Bailey Brower, Kevin Sullivan, Curt Ritter