Dear Editor,

I am a long-time resident of Chatham Township having arrived in 1986 from the UK. I love this town and its community and character which stands out and why so many people choose to live here. I have been disturbed of late by the politics in the Township which are laced with vitriol and partisanship. When I vote for someone, I want them to think about my town and its future not take positions and act destructively merely because the other party supports something, we already have enough of that childishness.

I am supporting Stacey Ewald and Celeste Fondaco for the upcoming local committee election; both are smart down to earth people who are longtime residents and who bring clarity of vision and forthrightness to the table rather than party politics. All I hear from some is that we have to keep taxes down, I agree but at what cost. The Township has encouraged development of extra-large homes, providing variances, allowing trees to be virtually clear cut in order to raise higher property taxes and keep overall taxes low. A good short term strategy but this can't go on since we sacrifice the future for today. The taxes we pay support this community - the schools, the infrastructure, the safety, the beauty - as the old Fram Oil Filter ad said 'Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later' I believe that Stacey and Celeste will bring a steadier more thoughtful approach that will make our and our children's tomorrows brighter.

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Thank you,

Ted Smith