To the Editor: 

As colleagues and friends of Irene Treloar’s for the past eight years, we are honored to be writing this letter in support of her candidacy. Knowing Irene in both her professional and personal life, we feel uniquely capable of commenting on her qualifications. We know first-hand that Irene embodies all of the qualities that one would want for an elected official - she’s honest, hardworking, practical, creative, efficient, smart, a team player, compassionate, and a fierce negotiator. Irene is a woman of action, always approaching any problem with a positive attitude and the mindset that she can do something to make it better. Irene goes above and beyond for the people and issues that she cares about, stepping up when leadership is needed. She has done this at work and this instinct has led her to running for office. Irene is a creative thinker, coming up with innovative solutions to balance the needs of diverse constituencies (in her job this can mean balancing legal and business needs, in Chatham Borough, this will involve balancing the needs of your diverse community).

We also have the privilege of knowing Irene’s family. Irene is as energized as she is about this race because she wants to help make this world a better place for her children and community, and to make a difference in a positive and meaningful way.
Most importantly, we know that Irene always does the right thing and will work tirelessly and passionately for the community of Chatham Borough.

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Kara Coggin & Liz Rich