To the Editor:

I urge my fellow Chatham Borough residents to vote for Karen Koronkiewicz for Borough Council. Karen has been increasingly involved in the community over her 17 years in Chatham Borough and has the bona fides to serve on the Council.

Karen has a passion for making Chatham better. This passion is evident in her ever-increasing responsibilities. For example, she has taken on a leadership role in the Chatham Borough Democratic Committee; she is a committed volunteer at St. Patrick’s Church; she is a founding member of the new Undergrounding Advisory Committee; and Karen is now running for Borough Council.

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Many may know Karen through her support for programs at St. Patrick’s Church to provide for those in need, such as preparing food for Eva’s Village, a non-profit social services organization in Paterson and volunteering for the Christmas in a Box Ministry. This along with her work fundraising for breast cancer survivors through her Dragon Boat Racing initiatives shows her commitment to helping and caring for people.

Karen was enthusiastic about joining the Borough’s Undergrounding Advisory Committee – a committee formed in January of this year by Council Member Kobylarz to explore the feasibility of placing our power and telecommunications lines underground to prevent power outages and save our tree canopy. The committee is looking to Karen for her help in negotiating with JCP&L, consultants, and other municipalities as undergrounding discussions move forward.

In her professional life as Senior Director of Business Development, Karen’s strengths include analyzing data, managing budgets and contract negotiations. She understands what it takes to balance a budget and will ensure Chatham’s best interests are front and center in any negotiations for the borough. She understands that it is important to continue to provide vital services while keeping our taxes low.

Karen’s people skills are evident in all her interactions. As we are aware, people on both sides of the aisle can have enthusiastic arguments on all sides of an issue leading to deadlock, inaction, and animosity. In this type of situation, I have seen Karen jump in, respectfully and impartially listen to both sides and move all sides to a solution. She has the temperament and skills to work with people to bring the conversation back to the facts and to what is important to the community. She is pragmatic and will do what is best for Chatham in an unbiased, non-ideological way. Karen has earned my wholehearted endorsement for Borough Council.

Nicholas Eck

Chatham Borough