To the Editor:

I am a small business owner, and Chatham resident for over 25 years, have three teens attending Chatham High School, and coached recreational Baseball, Field Hockey, and Softball for the past 10 years.

Tayfun Selen, is the current Mayor of Chatham Township. I’ve known Tayfun personally for the past 20 years and he is one of the most honest, hardest working, community service based individuals that I know. I’m proud to support
Tayfun for re-election. Tayfun is a registered Republican who is open to hearing the voice of all residents. The division of parties to be either far left Democrat or far-right Republican is what is currently dividing our country and I am proud that we have a mayor that is open to hearing the voice of our residents regardless of their political party. I am currently a registered Republican but have also been a registered Democrat in the past because I like to vote for the person I believe that will best serve in the running position. That is the beauty of the freedom of choice we have in America.

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There are five elected officials on the Chatham Twp. Government, including the Mayor. Two of the elected Republican Committee members are endorsing Rez Estevez and Mark Hamilton because they want to continue to have a stronghold on the decisions made in our Twp. Government and they are not shy about making that public – it’s either far right or not right. To me, that is not what we need to run our town decisions and I would rather have ALL of our voices heard regardless of what party we represent. I am just choosing one of many recently published articles to suggest you read that which provides quotes from the running candidates and their ideas of what they believe will work to run our government.

For all those who want a condensed version of what’s going on in the elections:

June 4th is the primary election when we vote for both Democratic and Republican nominees who will be seeking the two upcoming vacant seats on Chatham Township’s governing committee.

There is one Democrat candidate running unopposed – Stacey Ewald – because she is unopposed, she will be running in the general election in November.

There are three Republican candidates running in the Primary. Two of these three candidates must win the primary in order to run in the general election in November.

1. Tayfun Selen (the current Chatham Twp. Mayor)
2. Rez Estevez
3. Mark Hamilton

To get to know the candidates and their personal backgrounds, please read “No love lost in township GOP primary” from the Chatham Courier published on May 23, 2019. I believe this article fairly represents each of the Republican candidates who share what is important to them. Rez and Mark left their opinions on how Republicans are the people that should be making the decisions, Tayfun left his cell number to hear the voice of the residents.

Don’t be misled by what the candidates or others are saying about each other. Get informed for yourself – watch the Township Committee meetings on local TV to see what’s really going on (Comcast Channel 29 and Channel 26 on Verizon Fios), read the articles in the local papers and educate yourself before you make a choice. If you are a Chatham Township resident who wants to have a government making decisions that are best for the whole community – vote for Tayfun Selen in the primary on June 4.

Jane Coviello

Chatham Township