To the Editor;

Now we the public just don't understand what's in Kelly's eyes. Well, if other options were on the table as he says, but could not be told to the public all these months because of being discussed in executive session and had to be secret, why is it ok to speak of them now? Could it be he senses he will lose the election over the affordable housing issue? I think so. Otherwise, he would still have to keep the plans secret, as he claims he has had to do all these months.

I guess the public misunderstood the thousand times Kelly and Ness have told us River Road is our only option. I guess the public misunderstood the thousand times Kelly and Ness told us there is no other property in town available. Maybe the public misunderstood the thousand times Kelly and Ness told us no property was available in the Hickory Tree area and that all property owners were contacted. Maybe the public misunderstood this is the plan presented to the court and approved and we must proceed with it. Maybe the public misunderstood the thousand times we were told the court extensions are up and River Road is our only option. Maybe Kelly and Ness think we the public are just a bunch of idiots. I think we have all understood perfectly.

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I am sure the excuse is going to be to tell us would jeopardize negotiations. What a crock. If that was the case, in the past as now, the statement of we are exploring other options could have been made, as Kelly says now. We have been told ad infinitum by Kelly that River Road is the only option, to the point where the adjoining property has been or is being acquired, forcing the resident out. Plans for building made, etc., and what of all the waste of taxpayer dollars for something Kelly now says was not a done deal? But we the public just misunderstood Kelly? We must all be extremely gullible in Kelly's eyes. Just all the more reason to elect Felice and Hamilton.

Why now can Kelly let the executive session discussions come out? Does not make any sense. And in order to defend himself, he now blames the public for misunderstanding. Why not? Kelly has blamed every administration, township administrator past and present, and person he can find since he started this entire affordable housing debacle. I am sure he will get around to blaming me.

The only one Kelly doesn't hold responsible is himself. Vote him out!!

Vote for Felice and Hamilton and they will bring accountability back to our government.

Stay safe, and keep your eye on the ball!

Daniel Miller
Green Village section of Chatham Township 50 plus yrs.
Former Chairman Chatham Township Republican Committee
Former Planning Board Member
Currently Member Chatham Township Environmental Committee