To the Editor:

Election Day is nearly here and I would like to take this opportunity to implore you to vote for Mark Hamilton and Rez Estevez for Chatham Township Committee on November 5th.  In this coming election, we have a clear choice.  We can vote for big government, more taxes, increased spending and capitulation to overbearing mandates being imposed on us by Trenton; or we can vote for low taxes, fiscal responsibility, limited government intrusion into our personal lives and firm resistance to the imposition of the will of an out of touch State government.

I hope that for you the choice is clear and that choice is Hamilton and Estevez.   Hamilton and Estevez are true conservatives.  They will limit spending.   They will fight for low taxes.  They will oppose policies that weaken and endanger our communities.  They will do everything in their power to ensure that Chatham Township remains a great place to live and to raise a family, particularly in light of the threats we are facing from out of touch bureaucrats at the State level.

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Hamilton and Estevez will fight to ensure that the Settlement Agreement in the Affordable Housing litigation is interpreted and implemented in the most beneficial manner to the Township and that costs are kept to an absolute minimum. 

Hamilton and Estevez can be counted on to vote “no” to any Ordinance that would impose “developer’s fees” on Chatham homeowners renovating their homes, and will fight against any ordinance which unduly restricts a resident’s right to make improvements to his/her home

Hamilton and Estevez will reign in attempts by “tax and spend” Democrats to waste government resources on pet projects which are neither needed, nor are not backed by popular support.  In doing so, they will see to it that our AAA bond rating is maintained and that Chatham Township remains a sure investment.

Most importantly, Hamilton and Estevez will not capitulate to special interests, particularly those Trentonian bureaucrats who know little of the moral and physical character of our community yet want to “re-make” us in an image that is not to our benefit.   

There may be significant legal battles ahead for the Township – on Affordable Housing, on Land Use, on Sanctuary City policies, on increased State control across the Board – and these battles will need to be fought, not only in the legislative chambers but in courtrooms.   Both Hamilton and Estevez are experienced, qualified attorneys, with decades of litigation experience under their belts.   This experience makes them uniquely qualified to fight these fights.  They know the law and they know how to interpret, argue and enforce the law for the best possible outcome for our community. 

In a recent letter to the editor, Candidates Ewald and Fondaco were described as being “fiscally conservative” and “socially progressive”.   There is not any such thing; and the fact that Ewald and Fondaco have the gall to characterize themselves as “conservative” in any way shows the lengths to which they go to disguise their dangerous agenda.  The essence of progressivism is forcibly taking from one and giving what was taken to another.    Progressivism is telling one how he or she must act, how they must think, how they must feel, or how they must communicate; and if you don’t think, feel, act or communicate consistent with the Progressive ideology, then “you” are immoral, bigoted, unjust, irredeemable and unworthy.   

Progressives believe that you must be regulated because at your core, you are immoral.  Progressives believe that unless you are forced by the government to do (what they believe) is good and right, you will do (what they believe is) wrong.  Progressives want to confiscate your wealth and redistribute it, not protect it.   They want to tell you what you can and cannot do with your property.  They want to force you to accept behavior with which you do not personally agree.  In other words, Progressives want you to surrender your individuality to the will of those who manage, by any means necessary, to seize control of the government.

Such a system of government is the antithesis of what our Founders established almost 2½ centuries ago.  Our nation was founded on the principals of individual liberty and self-determination; and that that personal responsibility would carry us forward.   To achieve this, our Founders wrote and ratified a Constitution designed to protect individual liberty from unfair encroachment by the government.   They did so because they believed in the innate moral compass of every person to do the right thing without it being forced upon them by the government.  

I simply cannot stress enough that this election is a referendum.  It is a referendum on the type of government that we want to live under.   Do we want to live under a government of excessive regulation of our personal lives, of confiscation and redistribution of our hard-earned wealth?  If so, then by all means, vote for the “progressives.”   If your answer is “no” (as I suspect it is), then please join me in voting for Hamilton and Estevez on November 5th

John Adams once wrote the following.  He was talking specifically about our Constitution but his words apply equally to our government – on every level:

“Our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other”.

Like our Founders, Hamilton and Estevez believe in you.  They respect you.  They believe in your innate moral compasses and that they will guide you to make choices that will strengthen our community, protect our environment, and continue to keep Chatham Township a great place to live, raise a family, and enjoy the fruits of your labor in retirement.  Remember that higher taxes and increased regulation hurt our senior citizens most of all. They believe that you help where help is needed and to protect those in danger from harm.  Most importantly, they believe that you will do these things without having it forced upon you by the government.

Please join the fight for small government, individual liberty and personal responsibility and joint me in voting for Hamilton and Estevez on November 5th.

Daniel R. Bevere


Chatham Township Republican Committee