To the Editor:

I am proud to endorse Mayor Tayfun Selen for re-election to the Township Committee in the upcoming Primary Election on Tuesday, June 4.

Tayfun was originally appointed to fill a vacancy on the Township Committee in 2017, and in 2018 was resoundingly elected to fill the remainder of that unexpired term. Now he is running for a full three-year term on the Township Committee while simultaneously serving as mayor.

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Tayfun is totally changing the role of mayor as it has been practiced in recent years. Instead of waiting at Township Committee meetings for people to come to him, he has gone to them, introducing himself, listening to questions and concerns and, most importantly, serving as the accessible public face of your local government.

For the first time in years, a mayor of Chatham Township has attended meetings of the important Library Board of Trustees. That mayor is Tayfun Selen.

For the first time in years, a mayor of Chatham Township has attended the installation dinners of our Chatham Emergency Squad and our two volunteer Fire Departments, sending the message to the officers of all three of these vital organizations that their service is appreciated at the highest level. That mayor is Tayfun Selen.

When our Chatham Township Environmental Commission joined with five other EC's to host a regional discussion about recycling and plastics, Tayfun was there. When the Community Garden of the Chathams held its annual meeting for gardeners, Tayfun was there. When Ogden Church recently held a fundraising barbecue to benefit the Chatham Emergency Squad, Tayfun was there. When the Green Village Fire Department held its Memorial Day remembrance ceremony this past Monday, Tayfun was there.

Thank you, Tayfun, for being the first mayor in years to consistently attend these types of community events, to represent the Township Committee and to demonstrate how important these issues and efforts are to the civic health of our community.

Tayfun has worked harder for local residents than any other member of the Township Committee.

Please join with me in thanking Tayfun for representing all the people of Chatham Township by casting your vote for his re-election to the Township Committee on Tuesday, June 4th.

Michael Kelly

Township Committee member

Chatham Township