To the Editor:

The moment that most defined Stacey Ewald for me is one night last October. Stacey had texted me that she was driving around and dropping off signs for Tracy Ness' campaign and I had volunteered to put some on our lawn and elsewhere in town. It was late and it was starting to be cold.  I met her on my front walk. We chatted for a bit. She admitted she was tired......but it wasn't because it was late in the evening and it has been a long day at the office or something like that which we all complain about. She told me that a few weeks prior, she had been diagnosed with breast cancer and had been receiving radiation treatments. And rather than being home, resting and thinking about herself, Stacey was out working on behalf of someone else. Because that’s what Stacey does.  

And that is why you need to vote for Stacey Ewald on November 5.  Stacey Ewald is that badass.  

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Know who allows you to sit at home enjoying a relaxing night with your family knowing that your kids will be attending a blue ribbon school the next day?   Stacey.  When we moved to Chatham back in 2008, Stacey was one of the first names we learned as she was fully entrenched with the PTO at Southern Boulevard School and did everything in her power to help make that school one of the top elementary schools in the state.   My children and my family benefited greatly from her efforts......but I didn’t know her.   Same when my children attended Lafayette and Stacey headed the Educational Foundation.   For the last 12 years, I’ve watched Stacey make life better for my kids and ALL of yours and never asked for anything in return.   

We became friends two years ago when the Township committee attempted to open our recreational spaces to the bear hunt.   We both recognized the inherent dangers to the community and to our green spaces that the ordinance posed and banded together to successfully fight it.  Stacey has always championed causes that are smart, kind, thoughtful and right and make Chatham Township a nice, safe, happy place to live.  Stacey has proven that she will fight for all of you....not just some of you.....she will focus on fixing our facilities, our fields, our roads, preserve and expand our green space, continue to ensure our schools are beyond compare.   And she’s whip smart, having worked in large financial services firms.  She understands budgets.  She gets things done and gets them done right.  

When we moved to Chatham Township, it was because Chatham was named one of the top communities in the country to live.  And that’s because of people like Stacey who tirelessly volunteer....even when their own bodies may tell them “hey slow down a bit”.....on behalf of the community. That’s what makes Chatham special.  

Stacey Ewald is what makes Chatham Township special.   

She has earned your vote.  

Bob Higgins

Jay Road, Chatham Township