To the Editor:

Dear Chatham Borough Residents, I ask you to vote for Stacey McEvoy on Nov. 5th for the Chatham Borough Council.

As a Borough resident since 1979 and an active Borough volunteer myself, I deeply value what this community is about and what we, as residents, have in common.

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In my view, among other things, I believe we all cherish a safe environment for our families, a superior and demanding education experience for our children and a local government that will not stray from those core values. That is why I unequivocally support Stacey in her candidacy.

As a neighbor, I have seen, first-hand, her commitment to a safe community, our educational experience, her work ethic on behalf of her family and our community, which all speak for themselves. Stacey has demonstrated these values through her volunteerism on behalf of youth sports teams, our local religious community, the fight against substance abuse, work with the YMCA, a non-profit on behalf of those in need, to name a few.

I often kid Stacey, telling her that I do not hold it against her for having received an Ivy League education because, in my eyes, she has redeemed herself with all of her hard and good work on behalf of the community, in addition to being highly intelligent.

I urge you to vote for Stacey McEvoy on November 5th for Chatham Borough Council.

Fred Infante
North Hillside Avenue