To the Editor:

Kathy Abbott in a recent LTE made the scurrilous accusation that the town was not run, but ruled by a group of far-right-wing committeemen from 2013 -17. That just happens to be the same years I served on the Committee and two of those years as Mayor.  Considering the source, I shouldn’t really care too much what she has to say, but I want the voting public to know that in this instance she is absolutely correct and that I take full responsibility for those far-right wingers during that period. Now I wasn’t one much for the narcissistic, self-promoting behavior from the dais that we have seen this year, but I hope the other committee folks are not upset with me that I am taking full responsibility. So just what did us far right-wingers do during that time period?

We didn’t raise your taxes once, as a matter of fact, we cut them ever so slightly 3 times.  We were ranked as one of the safest towns in the state and in the country. We were ranked in 2017 as the second-best place to live in the State of New Jersey. Guilty as charged of being right-wingers, and typical of right-wing Republican towns and why so many people are moving to them.

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We did a $6 Million sewer infrastructure project that utilized a funding grant borrowing money at close to 0%. It saved the Township millions in future costs.  Yes, those crazy right-wingers borrowing money for nothing, evil bankers that we are.

We did write the first ordinance in the state regulating unregulated pipelines when Pilgrim Pipeline came to town and then strengthened it for protecting our watershed in 2018.  Typical right-wingers, in the pockets of big oil.

We were one of only 17 towns in NJ to receive a triple AAA rating. For future municipal wannabe financial planners, you don’t receive that rating unless you have a financial plan. The hard part is sticking to the plan. We did.

We didn’t ban anything, that’s just too easy and lacks imagination, but we did a great deal for the environment by preserving the beautiful grounds at Giralda Farms and land entering the Township at Southern Blvd. and River Road through grants and hardly any tax dollars. Typical right-wing conservative conservationists, always looking for a handout.

Oh yea, I know what may have upset Kathy with our crazy right-wing national issues. When asked, we stood with our New Jersey Chiefs of Police and all law enforcement officers by passing a resolution calling on President Barack Obama before re-establishing relations with Cuba, to extradite the escaped cold-blooded cop killer Joanne Chesimard.  Or wait maybe it was the resolution we passed after Brendan Tevlin, an 18-year-old former Seton Hall student, a school that many of our resident’s children attend, was murdered by an ISIS sympathizer at a traffic light on his way home. We thought American citizens who went overseas to fight with ISIS against our sons and daughters, engaged in treasonous behavior and for the protection of our kids and all of us, should lose their citizenship if they returned. Amazing that that was even open to debate in our halls of Congress. As you can see, Kathy is right, that is some crazy right-wing stuff. But I make no apology for any of it.

Kathy Abbott is still bitter that Mike Kelly defeated her after she asked Mike to join her on the ticket, thinking it would bolster her opportunity to be Mayor.  If she hadn’t, who knows, she might still be on the committee, but blame yourself Kathy and take some personal responsibilities for your own actions. As Republicans, we very much believe in individual responsibility, not a victim mentality.

So has Kathy Abbott ever endorsed a Republican candidate? She didn’t this year, she didn’t last year, but wait a minute in 2017 she did. What do you know, she endorsed Rez Estevez and went on to say that Rez is a highly qualified candidate for the Township Committee who is a sharp corporate attorney and fully appreciates our economically stable, safe and beautiful town.  Other adjectives included bold, genuine, complex thinker, cooperative and honest. You can read the rest of it here:

Once again, we agree. Now, Kathy has come out in support of Rez’s opponents. Interesting don’t you think. Maybe in these confusing times Kathy is just still in search of her political identity, but with friends like this….well, let’s just be nice and support Kathy’s first assessment. Hell, those were great years, 2013-2017, as well as quite a few before and 2018 too. We’ve gotten a little off track in 2019 but we can get back on the right track if you get out and vote for Rez Estevez and Mark Hamilton on Election Day.


Kevin Sullivan

Chatham Township